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The Joke’s On You

By on November 15, 2016

I Tried To Tell You


But you wouldn’t listen.

NOTE: This post will be updated each time PEMBS pulls the old switcheroo, bookmark it so you don’t miss an update.

President Elect Mr. Bull Shit has received over 60 million votes and he has nothing in common with over 50 million of his supporters. How did he learn how to reach them? PEMBS (President Elect Mr.Bull Shit) had a great teacher, Steve Bannon.thejokeisonyou

I would love to be the fly on the wall when they meet….

Bannon; tell them you will repeal every single thing about Obamacare, they’ll love it.

PEMBS; I can’t say that, they’ll never believe me.

Bannon; sure they will, if they believe this: Report: Illegal Alien Raped Woman in Roadside Ditch After Crashing into Her Vehicle, published on the Breitbart News Network, they’ll believe anything.

PEMBS; okay, I’ll give it a try.

Words from PEMBS mouth, quoted exactly: ObamaCare is a total disaster. Hillary Clinton wants to save it by making it even more expensive. Doesn’t work, I will REPEAL AND REPLACE!

Just a few days after the election, he has changed his mind. Now he likes the existing conditions clause. He also thinks allowing children still in the household to stay on their parents plan is great too.

Tell me PEMBS supporters, is this what you voted for? Don’t you agree the Affordable Care Act is a disaster or did you change your mind too, a couple days after the election?


Do you know why your health insurance premiums have skyrocketed?

Because of preexisting conditions and children in home on their parents plan longer.


I tried to tell the voters; PEMBS can’t do the things he says he will do and he was just saying stuff Bannon knew you wanted to hear. Ever hear of Bait and Switch? PEMBS is an expert at B.S.

It’s only been a week, what will he waffle on next?


I’ll bet, in just a short time, you’ll even be protesting PEMBS.


Watch this space as I’ll up date each time he switches position, I’ll have my work cut out for me but I’ll do it, just for you. I’ll use the #thejokesonyou on Twitter.

UPDATE 11.23.16:

PEMBS has done it again and for good reason.

Investigating HRC for her email server deal and the Clinton Foundation.

Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. If I was advising HRC, I would start a press campaign; HRC thinking about suing PEMBS for libel and slander. It’s what PEMBS would do, isn’t it?

As it turns out, Rudy the Rat, PEMBS Right Hand Man, in line for possibly the Secretary of State position, has not only been giving speeches making HUGE fee’s (just like HRC), he’s been paid from the coffers of known terrorist groups. This isn’t a leftist wet dream, it’s the real thing.

New comer Army Rat Flynn, his security adviser is in the same boat as Rudy.

Investigate the Clinton Foundation? Hardly, why? Because PEMBS’s own foundation will be investigated for the same B.S.

Tell me right wingers, have you actually looked at the emails HRC has handled inappropriately? All the emails PEMBS spouted off about for months have no classified intelligence or USA secrets. You don’t know that because you have been depending on PEMBS’s team, Fox News, Brietbart and the like to provide you with the information. Sorry, they only wanted your vote.

Truth be told, they have LIED to you the whole time. A third of the supposed secret emails were SPAM. Just like the spam you get everyday. There has been no classified information leaks, just stupidity and as Comey noted about a zillion times, nothing to prosecute because you can’t prosecute stupid.

Man Made Climate change, it’s just a hoax started by the Chinese, isn’t it? You believe him on that don’t you? Or it doesn’t really matter to you? Well, he’s changed on that; now he thinks man does have some “connectivity” to it.

Paris Climate Agreement, I will cancel it. Now he has an “open mind” to it. Is that what you voted for?

Torture, we’ll do a lot worse than that because I know more about ISIS then the Generals. You wanted torture from your President, didn’t you. He’s changed his tune, it (torture), doesn’t make a difference contrary to what most people think, he said.

He’s not even inaugurated yet and has flip flopped on 15, that’s FIFTEEN campaign promises already.

He and his band of gypsy’s have pulled off the biggest scam in political history.



It’s only November, stay tuned…




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