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Proof Rats Giggle

By on November 16, 2016

And Jump For Joy When Tickled

As reported on

NBC News reported that rats love to be tickled and will jump for joy and follow the tickling hand looking for more. Click on the NBC link for their complete rat story.

The Vincent PRess, at first, didn’t believe this outlandish story, but keeping with its fair and balanced open-mindedness, decided to conduct it’s own research and tests.

TVP can now confirm that in fact, after an exhaustive and expensive investigation, rats do love to be tickled. The following rat gallery is photographic proof that shows at the least; rats do smile (yes, that’s how Flynn smiles). TVP does not have evidence that rats, in fact, jump for joy but have no reason to ratbelieve otherwise.

Full Disclosure: Because of insurance reasons, TVP couldn’t touch the rats, only monitor them during ticklish situations.

NOTE: Because TVP has a crush on Ivanka, her image was left in the photograph but was not part of this investigation. TVP just likes to look at her every once in awhile.

As you can see from the following rat gallery, big, fat, juicy rats, when tickled, no matter how it’s done, including; insulting women, demeaning women, cheating on their wives while admonishing other men for cheating on their wives, deciding on issues about the uterus they have no business deciding on, grabbing women by the muff, overdosing on TicTacs, conveniently changing policies, sometimes in mid-sentence, tweeting to SNL about stupid jokes, insulting minorities, insulting religious groups, aligning with known racists, aligning with known KKK members, aligning with White Nationalists, aligning with people who have been paid in the exact same way as HRC, literally love to be tickled.

If you notice Rudy the Rat below, is laughing because he’s tickled to hear the crowd chant, “lock her up, lock her up.”

Rat Pence is just tickled pink that women who get abortions in Indiana must now have a funeral and soon, after President Elect Mr. Bull Shit either quits or is impeached, he’ll be able to convert all the gays back to guys.

Newt, which is another name for a rodent; a newt is a newt, but not so cute, if a newt was a newt he would still get the boot, but still qualifies as a Norwegian Sewer Rat, is just tickled to find out if he turns into a Mormon and moves to Utah, he’ll be able to complete the last item on his bucket list.

Then there is Fat Rat, NJ Governor, Chris Christie smiling after just knocking off  a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s finest while waiting in traffic on the George Washington Bridge.

Newcomer army rat, General Flynn, who, believe it or not is smiling, will now be able to shape our country’s security, and get free rides to Russia,  after just being offered the Security Advisor position to President Elect Mr. Bull Shit.

And of course the King Rat, President Elect Mr. Bull Shit is tickled orange that Steve Bannon actually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to voters who will believe anything an orange rat will say, and believe it again and again after flip-flopping in mid sentence, the next hour or the next day.

Beautiful Ivanka is stunning in the Kelly Green, light weight chiffon. Go from the boardroom to the boardwalk and feel as crisp on the Jersey Shore as you did at your first meeting in the morning. Available in sizes, 2, 4, 6 and 8, lets make America great, at the Ivanka Dress Shop at Nordstrom’s, retail $495.00.




There are dozens of other ticklish rats but TVP started fantasizing about Ivanka and lost his train of thought.

More rats to come.

Photo credit, Rat on red back ground:By kate atqakqdotcom from USA – DSC00016.JPG, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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