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Make No Mistake America

By on November 9, 2016

President Elect Mr. Bull Shit’s Victory Was All About Race


If I’m in the mood, I’m the type of guy who can make anyone feel comfortable in mere seconds and open up to me about things they wouldn’t usually discuss. I have one of those faces that people seem to recognize. It happens daily, “don’t I know you from somewhere”? Even if I don’t hear the don’t I know you, I’ll get double takes.

For the hell of it, today, I put on one of my “talk to me” faces all day and discussed the presidential election with nine people, all voting for President Elect Mr. Bull Shit.hellowmrbullshit

They all asked me right off the bat who I voted for, and I immediately replied, HRC. Of course, they were amazed how anyone living in Medina County Ohio could vote for anyone other than MBS (Mr. Bull Shit).

It took about 30 seconds for the amazement to disappear and another 60 seconds for them to tell me what they were just dying to say.

Within 90 seconds, I kid you not, each and every person said, in one form or another; now MBS can clean up the ghetto and get all the blacks off welfare.

Not one person mentioned, ISIS, taxes, or HRC’s email or the Benghazi scandal. They were all giddy and overjoyed to talk about how the blacks would finally have to go to work for their welfare and how MBS would finally get tough in the hood.

Of course, this is a small sampling of MBS’s voters, but I’ll make a bet with anyone; what these nine crackpots wanted to talk about will be the same as the other 50 million who voted for MBS.

My conversations weren’t long, and every one of them was shocked when I said, “you know there are more white people on welfare than blacks.” Of course, they denied that (I have no idea, I just said it) and I countered that with, “that’s why there is never any welfare reform, there are too many white voters getting public assistance.”

When I said that, every MBS idiot nodded their head in agreement. Dummies will believe anything I say if I’m in the mood, I should have been an actor.

President Elect Mr. Bull Shit did strike a nerve with white people. It was the racist nerve that white people, dying to find somebody willing to go public with that nonsense have been waiting to find for eight years.

Everything else was just frosting on the cake; give me a white man ready to stop and frisk every black and kick them off welfare and I’ll vote for him; Even a nut bag like MBS.

So here we go, back to the past. It’s sad that in the year 2016, there are still 50 million pukes that can’t see past their own pale, white skin. I predict right now; race relations will continue to worsen until, and hopefully, President Elect Mr. Bull Shit will get himself impeached.

People of color, you think having hassles for being black is a pain now, you haven’t seen anything.

In closing…

I demand the Democrats in D.C. stonewall everything as best they can for the next four years. I want you to become the party of no. You must block all Supreme Court nominations and everything else President Elect Mr. Bull Shit wants to do.

I will accept no excuses; four years will go by faster than you think.

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