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How About A Normal Person As Interviewer

By on November 1, 2016

Wouldn’t Have To Worry About The Guest Coming Back


Interviewers, IMO, for the most part have one arm tied behind their back when doing an interview with, for example, a presidential candidate or someone on their team. They have to ask the tough question but when the interviewee doesn’t answer it, which usually happens, the interviewer has no choice, they must move on.

Either from time constraints or the fact they need this person back on the show and don’t want to piss them off. And that’s what I hate about it.

I wouldn’t let the interviewee off the hook if the question wasn’t answered and I would have a mute button I could push every time the they changed the subject from the original question.

Of course it would be my last interview with the person and that’s the problem, if you want the guest back, you have to be somewhat cordial.


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