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Cubs Didn’t Win

By on November 3, 2016

Francona Gave It To Them

Shaw had nothing left and Francona left him in


I have news for you Chicago Cubs; you didn’t beat the Indians; Francona gave you the game on a silver platter and let Maddon and Chapman off the hook as well.

Tito played the Indians like a violin during the post season. He made genius after genius moves that kept the Tribe winning. I never second guessed him (well hardly ever); he was pure Einstein, until the 10th inning in game 7 that is.manager_terry_francona_

Why Tito left Shaw in for the top of the tenth is beyond my understanding of relief pitchers. Not only was Shaw having trouble before the rain delay, bringing him back out after sitting for 20 minutes (might have been longer) is, for lack of a better word, fricking NUTS!

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I was screaming at Tito to yank Shaw before the rain delay and kept screaming at him for an hour after the game ended because he forced me to listen to Buck is a Schmuck and the rest of the Fox Homers on TV.

Shaw has done well this postseason and started off fine but needed a fast hook from Francona. Especially since he had Bauer ready; Bauer out of the pen would have been fine; or anyone. If we would have lost making that change, fine because Shaw HAD to come out.

There was no reason to stretch Shaw to the 10th, none at all and this isn’t arm-chair quarterbacking; but common sense and relief pitching management. Shaw was finished, and Francona let him finish our season.

Poor Shaw, he’ll be having nightmares for years over this; might even end his career.

The Indians did what they needed to do last night, picked up Kluber and Miller and they did that with flying colors. It was a new game at the end of the 8th. But Francona, in a terrible lapse of judgment, tossed that extraordinary come back right down the toilet.

What’s worse, it was at a stadium that was so loud every time the Cubs made a play, I texted my friends in about the 4th inning, what the hell is going on down there; Sounds like we’re in Chicago.

Nice job Cleveland Indians management for letting that happen; you big dummies.

Could there be anything worse than that? How about the Tribe scored what would have been the winning run in the bottom of the 10th. What a comeback, Davis and Guyer came through, all for naught. And Davis’s bomb in the 8th, my God, you couldn’t write that.

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We had it, the game was ours, what a hit Davis, you’ll never forget that bomb.

Terry, you’ll never explain away this crap so don’t even bother but thanks a lot. Your almost perfect managing throughout the post season means nothing anymore. You blew this game all on your own. You should have pulled Shaw for Bauer, or anyone, at the top of the 10th, case closed.

Next year? There is no next year. You think it’s easy making it to the series? Nap is through and Crisp and Davis won’t be back and who knows about Brantley; remember Hafner’s shoulder; so we’ll have to piece together a line up again. They were lucky this year and I doubt they can do it again. They picked up Santana’s option but I’m not counting on him, I’ve watched him disappoint me for years.


I’m too old to watch millionaires playing and managing baseball anymore. I’ve spent a fortune over the years that I couldn’t afford on these numbskulls but that ends today, this minute. I quit. I can’t take another heartbreak.


It’s plain and simple, Cubs didn’t beat the Tribe, Francona gave it to them.



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