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Bauer Being Bauer-Cleveland Indians

By on October 28, 2016

You think it’s easy pitching to the best hitting team in baseball?

The Tribe lost to the Cubs in game 2 Tuesday night 5-1 and it wasn’t even that close. Tribe hitters let Arrieta dominate them pitch after pitch like they were rookies and it was apparent, at least to me, the Cubs had a great game plan, and Arrieta followed it almost to perfection.

Arrieta was good, but the Tribe bats made him great. Question; when it’s apparent your hitters are having a problem against a pitcher who has a great rhythm going, what do you do?

trevor bauer

The Tribe answer to that question was, well, nothing. The correct answer is you do whatever it takes to break his rhythm. Sometimes it takes complaining to the UMP about calls. Sometimes it takes having the least likely hitter laying down a bunt. Sometimes it takes reaching out and tapping the ball foul to stay alive.

The point is; you do something. If you let a great major league pitcher with a kick ass team behind him get into rhythm early, you’ll have a long road ahead of you and Tuesday night the Tribe had the Ohio Turnpike ahead of them.

Enough about Arrieta and the Indians lack of hitting; I want to talk about Bauer.

IMO, there is nobody in baseball who battles better than Bauer. He NEVER gives in to a hitter. He always pitches aggressively and Tuesday night was no exception. That’s Bauer’s MO love it or not. I’ll take a team of Bauers into battle any day of the week.

He does have what appears to be control issues, but most of that is from not giving major league hitters a pitch they can hit. One question I would love to ask; why were you shaking off so many pitches?

Bauer is notoriously a slow starter, and cold weather doesn’t help, but he still did his job Tuesday night; he kept his team in the game. He had problems, and the UMP didn’t help matters but still, he worked himself out of the jams. I don’t care how many pitches he threw, giving up only two runs is doing your job.

I love Tito, and he has been playing this team like a Stradivarius, but he pulled Bauer way too early that put unneeded pressure on relief and even more pressure on the hitters who were having their own issues. Bauer was off for weeks before this start and I thought was getting a little better feel. He gave up that hit and boom, he was gone.

Who did he bring in relief, McAllister? When I saw him warming up I immediately texted to my friends; huh oh, look who is warming up. A guy who either throws 96 MPH fastballs down the middle or can’t throw a strike.

Pulling Bauer for McAllister made absolutely no sense to me at the time, and it sure didn’t help the team. It’s easy to second-guess after the fact, but Bauer has proven time after time if he’s still battling, leave him be. He had a solid 30 and maybe, even more, pitches left in him.

McAllister is a big man, and he can bring it, but he has a disconnect between his brain, eye, and right arm/hand. He has so much power he is flung to the 1st base side of the mound so hard, IMO, his brain is trying to protect his arm/shoulder and completely screws up his release.

He needs to get that connection back and one way to do it; shave every day staring at his right hand in the mirror. I know, sounds crazy but right now, his brain/eye has no idea where his hand is. The mirror will make his brain work harder, and he’ll get that connection back to where it needs to be.

Another thing McAllister needs to do; quit screwing around on the mound. He paces around instead of getting back to the rubber, getting the sign and pitch.

One more note about Bauer; I read stories inferring that Bauer’s workout routine hurts his pitching. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and parents of young pitchers and older pitchers trying to improve, you can do no better if you copied what Bauer does.

Don’t listen to people who haven’t thrown a ball in 35 years. They are ignorant.

The opinion that Bauer should be removed from the rotation on a staff down two guys already is sophomoric and I hope Tito brings him back out.

I would love to hear your comments, use the form below, but be nice.

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