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Act Like A Republican

By on November 13, 2016

What can we learn from the Republican Party and Donald Trump?


According to PolitiFact: Over 90% of every statement coming out of Trump’s mouth for the past two years was mostly or partly false, and he won the 2016 Presidential election. Truth doesn’t matter to Republicans, only winning.

The Republicans refuse to negotiate; If it’s not their way, it’s the highway.presidentbullshit

On January 20, 2009, the Republicans met, agreed, and planned to block everything Obama wanted to do for the next four years, (the obstruction policy continued for another four years after that). They had no respect for Obama; none, even though he not only had the Electoral votes but a HUGE margin of victory with the popular vote too.

Now Is The Time For The Democratic Party To Adopt The Same During The Trump Presidency


#1: Trump didn’t get a mandate; he’s not even close to getting the popular vote.

#2: Trump is a misogynistic bigot, (no matter what his daughter claims), conman, game show host who plied on the deepest hatred rural America has deep in their hearts. It wasn’t about jobs or health care or anything else but hatred for the browning of America and they will NEVER evolve to the fact that it’s 2016, not 1716. Jobs in rural America? That’s a joke; there has NEVER been jobs in rural America. They chose to live in the boondocks and for years traveled in and stole the jobs from urban Americans.

#3: Take back America? Take it back from who? A black president? What the hell does Take Back America mean? Oh, you mean from the Special Interest; like the people Trump is hiring now?

#4: He says what I’m thinking. We all now know what that means.

#5: Drain the swamp? How is he going to do that now that he’s dredging the bottom for his appointees?

#6: Make America Great Again? What does that mean? America is GREAT already. Trump has now lowered the bar for America and all that look to us for GREATNESS.

#7: His inner circle includes some of the foulest people in the political and business community ever assembled under one roof and will make America the laughing stock of the world, Make America Great again my ass; not with this group.

Now it’s the Democratic Party’s turn to TAKE BACK AMERICA and meet and plan strategic actions to block every single thing Trump wants to do

Democrats in Washington, must, no matter the cost:

#1: Investigate the connections between Trump, Giuliani, Russia, Wikileaks and the FBI.

#2: Publicize and place pressure on every prosecutor and everyone else involved in the Trump University lawsuit, the Trump Foundation investigation, and the Paul Manafort investigation.

#3: Just because he is President-elect and the cases are against his business entities, (which Trump knows will protect him) pressure to the maximum must be applied including using the connections the Democratic party has to publicize the trials and keep them in the headlines on a daily basis.

#4: Trump has threatened to investigate HRC further and to bring suit against the women who claimed sexual harassment. The Democratic Party needs to goad Trump into doing just that, on a daily basis so he further tarnishes his name and brand with imbecilic tweets and statements which may open him up to impeachment and other problems.

The Democratic Party’s end game must be to DE-legitimize Trump’s presidency for what it is: a sham against common decency.



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