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2016 World Series Game 7-Live Play By Play

By on November 1, 2016

Kluber On The Mound For The Tribe



Cubs have stretched the 2016 World Series to 7 games.

The Tribe has their ace on the mound coming off 3-day rest again.

Their bullpen has had a few days off, and Tito needs a solid four innings at least out of Kluber not to mention some runs.

Game time is 8 PM, Wednesday, November 2, 2016 see you then.


6:40 PM, even The Bloke is texting about the game.

So much talk about a game of baseball.

Simply put, the team scoring the most runs win.

Kluber does have a challenge; pitching with short rest for the third time in about a month.

In all reality, major league baseball pitchers are treated like infants as far as pitches thrown during a certain time frame. And with good reason; the clubs spend a fortune for these guys and want to protect them as best they can. But can a Major League pitcher actually throw more pitches. Yes! With no problem.

Trump supporters, read his apology to America here.

The pitchers have the most up-to-date training and frankly, they leave a ton on the table every time they play.

During the normal season, you’ll never see a pitcher go back to back to back games on 3 days rest; it’s not needed.

We’re talking World Serious here so the norm is out the window. What can Kluber do? IMO, once Kluber gets through a few pitches, gets settled in, gets the butterflies out, it will be a normal game for him. The key is Kluber having a feel for his stuff; good fastball that he locates where Perez calls it, and his breaking balls, curve and slider must spin and move, again where Perez calls it.

Even though Tomlin had a problem last night with his curve ball, Perez adjusted really quick and if you noticed, after that bomb, he didn’t call another curve ball. It was just unfortunate that Tyler completely blew that fly ball to right center. If it was a catch, Tomlin would have been out of the inning giving up only one run. Of course; shoulda, coulda, woulda…

Trump supporters, read his apology to America here.

No matter how Kluber does, they still need some runs. All year different players have kicked in and gotten hits but during this series, and in the playoffs, the bats have been missing putting a ton of pressure on the pitchers.

IMO, they need to jump on the first pitch they’re looking for versus keeping the bat on their shoulders just looking. Loser goes home, they need to be aggressive at the plate, and careful on the bases.

7:30PM and the Buck love fest is about to start. #buckisaschmuck

Sure the Cubs are awesome but the Tribe took 2 out of 3 in Chicago. That in it’s self is amazing. They took one back last night and we’ll see exactly how good the Cubs are tonight.

NOTE: their fans are really dicks During an interview with Bauer, Cub fans were screaming, “Bauer, pitch the 7 game please” over and over. What a bunch of idiots and someone needs to identify those morons and out them to the world for the idiots they are.

The Fox/Cub love fest continues. If the Cubs are so good, why are we playing game 7? Indians should have been swept, right?

Frankly put, both team are good. Problem for the Cubs? Their fans are duffuses.

Keep refreshing your browser for up to date play by play


Top of 1

Strike one to Fowler, good start.

Ball one, close, looked like a strike.

Ball two, Klub has good movement.

Klub left one over the middle, Fowler hit it out.

Bucks boyfriend is up, Sherbal.


Klub looking okay, 1-2 to Sherbal.

Little pee pee hit, Sherbal gets on.

Bryant up, nice change, strike one.

Fastball to Bryant, strike 2.

No outs, 0-2 to Bryant.

Another close one, Klub not getting calls, really being squeezed by the UMP.

2-2, Klub threw his first slider.

3-2, Klub needs to settle in a bit.

Bryant flies out to right field.

Rizzo up, #4 batter.

Ball one, Klub has be careful.

Rizzo flies out to center, weak hit off a fastball.

Zorbist up, Sherbal catches Klub asleep and steals 2nd.

Cubs are playing like the Tribe, aggressive.

1-1 to Zorbest, he flies out.

3 fly ball outs, not the norm for Kluber.


Bottom of 1

Hi Jeannine Marie

Santana leading off for the Tribe. I do not want to see that bat on his shoulders.

First pitch swing, line drive out to right field.

Kip up, had a nice night last night.

Strike one, strike two from Hendricks.

0-2, come on Kip


Kip goes down swinging.

Franky up hitting from the left side.

Strike one

Franky gets on; a little pee pee hit to 2nd that Bryant couldn’t handle.

Nap up, 0-1.

Nap needs to come through tonight, we need him bad.

Broken bat ground out to short.



Top of 2

Russell up, strike one.

Klub leaving them up, ball 1, 1-1.

2-1, Klub a little off

Pop up to Lindor, one out.

Nice strike to Contranous, next pitch, fly ball to right.

Again, all fly outs, not Klubes MO

Hayward up.

Broken bat pop up to Lindor, 3rd out, Tribe coming up


Bottom of 2

Tribe needs some luv from Denver, Lets go Tribe.

Time to wake up the bats. Klub needs a pick up.

Ramirez up, ball 1.

Now 3-2, come on Ramirez.

Pee pee hit to short, try and barehanded, SS couldn’t handle, Ramirez on.

Chis up, he owes us.

1-0 to Chis.


Hendricks holding Ramirez, picks him off, my God and chis gets a base hit.

Davis up, hits into a double play.

Cubs coming up.

I’m horse already, Tribe playing like idiots.

Top of 3

Baez up, 0-1, 1-1.

Baez flies out to left.

Kluber left another over the middle, another mistake, Kluber got lucky

Another fly out, I missed the batter, I’m screaming to much.

Scharbal tries and stretch a single into a double, gets thrown out at 2.

Tribe coming up.

Kluber is off, leaving stuff up and in the zone. Just about all outs have been fly balls, He doesn’t have a K yet.

Bullpen better get busy.

Bottom of 3

Crisp up, 1-1.

Nice hit to left, makes it to 2nd. Lets go tribe.

Perez up. 0-1.

Perez meeting with the coach.

Nice bunt, moves Crisp to 3rd, Perez out at first.

If another player gets pick off I’m gonna have a heart attack.

Santana gets a hit to right, Crisp scores, ties it up, new ball game.

All Right!!

Kip just missed, 1-1.

Now 2-1, Kip looking good.


Kips hits a pee pee to 2nd, muffed, ump called an out, being reviewed.

Safe at 2, guys on 1 and 2, Franky up.


come on Franky

0-2, Franky being patient, 1 out, 2 guys on.

Cubs felling some pressure, 3-0, be smart Franky

3-1, foul ball.

Fly out to left.

Great opportunity blown.

2 down.

Nap up, 0-1

0-2, good swing, Nap has not looked good in awhile.


Line drive out to third.

At least we tied it up, but still, perfect opportunity to get a couple more.

Top of 4

Bryant up, 1-1, Klub finally gets a call, Ump is really squeezing him.


2-2 to Bryant. Klub still a little off but hanging in there.

3-2, no help from this UMP.

Klub is hanging in there, he is pitching his ass off.

Bryant finds an opening on the left side, gets single.

Keep refreshing your browser for up to date play by play

Rizzo up, number 4 batter

0-2 to Rizzo.

Klub taking his time staying in the moment but I think hes tired.

Rizzo, hit, 2 guys on.

Ground ball to Nap, terrible throw to 2nd, looks like Lindor’s foot off the bag.

No review, should have been easy double play.

Now 1st and third, one out.

Fly ball to center, cubs score another run.

Davis held the ball for one click to long.

2 down, Cubs up 2-1

Contreras up, 1-0

1-1, now 2-1., 2-2, Klub needs to get out of this.

Hits a long fly ball to center, double, gets another run, 3-1.

Just missed a bomb

Heyward up.


Klub steps off, Tito needs to get him out.


3-1. He can’t get the ball down. He’s tired.

Rips a foul ball, 3-2 to Hayward.

Pop out to Franky, Cubs out.

Picked up a couple, 3-1 Cubs, Tribe coming up.

Bottom of 4

Tribe needs to pick Kluber up,

Ramirez up.


1-1, bad call

1-2 to Ramirez, come on kid

Ground out to first, 1 out.

Chis up, looks at strike one.

0-2, looks at strike two.

Fly out to left field.

Davis up, looks at strike one.


Davis flies out to right field.

Cubs up 3-1

Top of 5

Baez gets a solo home run.

Kluber through, Cubs up 4-1.

Miller in for the Tribe

Fowler up, 0-1


Fowler gets a base hit.

Cubs have Lester up in the bullpen.

Scharbal up, hits into double play, being reviewed, called out.

2 down, Bryant up.

1-1 to Bryant.

2-1, now 2-2.

Need a K right now from Miller.


Bryant gets a walk

People from MI, CA, VA, IA, IL, OH, KS, China, LA, CO online. thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to leave your comments.

1-2 to Rizzo, gets a hit to right, another run scores, 5-1, Cubs up.

UMP is squeezing the hell out of the Indian pitchers.

Long fly to Davis in center, Miller gets out of the fifth.

Cubs up 5-1.

Tribe pitchers not only getting squeezed, they’re missing too.

Hitters will have to pick up the pitching staff.


Bottom of 5

Crisp up, 0-1.

Grounds out to first, one down.

Perez up, 1-1


Come on Tribe, lets go

2-2 to Perez.

Perez looks at a FB right down the middle. WTF?

Santana up, 0-2 already.


He works a walk.

Lester coming in, Hendricks is through, pitched well.

Kip up, 1-1.

1-2, Tribe needs some runs

Lester can be stolen on.

2-2 on Kip.

Kip hits a slow roller, catcher can’t handle it, Kip is on.

Franky up.


Wild pitch, 2 runs score, Kip scored all the way from 2nd, great move.

5-3, Cubs up.

1-2 to Franky, a bomb would be sweet.


Franky K’s, but the Tribe picked up two.

Top of 6

Russel fouls out to Nap, 1 down.

Strike one to Ross.

Ross hits a bomb off Miller, dam.

Up to 6-3.

Heyward up,  grounds out to Nap.

Baez up, 0-2

Out, Tribe coming up

Joe Buck is sickening on Fox Sports.

Bottom of 6

Tribe needs some action against Lester fast. Maddon won’t keep him in long.

Nap up, strikes out, he has done nothing.

Ramirez up, 2-2, grounds out to SS.

2 down, Guyer coming in for Chis.

Guyer gets a hit with 2 out.

Crisp up, 1-0.

Guyer needs to go. Lester doesn’t hold anyone on.

1-1, 2-1 to Crisp.

3-1 to Crisp, grounds out to second.

Tribe is running out of time.

Top of 7

Miller still in, Fowler up, gets another hit.

Schwrable up, 0-2, 1-2.

Flies out to Crisp, one down.

Miller out, Allen coming in

Bryant up, 1-2 the count.

Miller keeps throwing to first holding Hayward.

2-2 on Bryant

Hayward is thrown out at 2 and Allen gets the K on Bryant.

Nice play.

Tribe needs to hit, case closed.

Bottom of 7

Crisp flies out to left field.

Perez up, 3-2, he walks.

One down, top of the order coming up.

Santana pee pee ground back to pitcher, out at first.

2 down.

Kip up, strikes out.

I want to know how can the Indians stadium be filled with Cub fans?

Who at the Indians did this?


Top of 8

Rizzo up, Allen still in.

0-2 to Rizzo.

Rizzo strikes out, 1 away.

Zorbist up 0-2

Grounds out to first, 2 away.

Russell up, 0-1

Allen pitching very well

0-2, Russell pops up to Nap.

Tribe coming up, need 3 runs to tie it up


Bottom of 8

Franky up against Lester.

2-0 right off the bat,  come on Franky.

Grounds out to short.

Nap up, 2-2.

Nap looks at strike 3, out of the zone but close enough Nap.

2 down.

Ramirez up, 1-1, gets on, error by short.

Lester out, Chapman coming in.

Cubs up 6-3.

Guyer up against Chapman.

2-2, now 3-2.

Guyer hits into the gap in right center, great hit against Chapman, Ramirez scores.

Cubs up 6-4

Davis up, 1-0 against Chapman.

1-1 Tribe keeps chipping away.

1-2 against Davis

2-2, Tension is thick as mud.

Davis is making Chapman work with foul after foul, still 2-2

Holy shit, Davis hits a bomb, ties it up, 6-6

Crisp hard single to left.

Gomes up, 1-0

Crisp on first, 2 outs.

2-0 to Gomes, 2-1

Come on Tribe, keep it going, 2 out rally.

2-2 to Gomes, 2 outs,

Gomes strikes out.

Another Tribe 2 out rally.

They scored 3 runs with 2 outs.

Top of 9

Now it gets interesting.

Allen back out, Ross up.

2-0 for Ross, 3-0.

It’s starting to rain in Cleveland.

3-1, Ross walks, pinch runner in.

Hayward up, 1-0, looks like it’s pouring.

2-0, Allen is having some problems.

2-1, Shaw up in the bullpen.

2-2, ground ball would be nice right now.

Hayward hitting some hard fouls balls.

Allen leaving it over too much of the plate.

2-2 on Hayward, another foul.

Hayward grounds to 2nd, gets the out at second, safe at first.

One out, Shaw coming in for Allen.


1-1 to Baez, one out, Shaw on the mound.

Score tied 6-6 top of the ninth.

2-1 to Baez.

2-2, Gomes crappy throw to 2nd, Kip couldn’t make the play and he should have.

Runner on 3rd, 3-2 to Baez, one out

Tried a bunt with 2 strikes, fouled, he’s out.

2 down.

Fowler up, 1-0, now 2-0.

Shaw’s ball moves in on leftys, Fowlers grounds out to Franky.

Shaw gets out of the inning.

Tribe coming up

Bottom of 9

Chapman still in for the Cubs.

Top of the order coming up.

Santana up.

One swing of the bat, all we need to win.

0-1, 1-1, Santana usually pretty patient, 2-1 to Santana.

3-1, we need a runner, come on Santana.

3-2. Santana flies out to left.

Kip coming up

0-1 to Kip, 1-1, 1-2, Progressive field is loaded with Cub jerseys, WTF?

2-2 to Kip, one down, bottom of the ninth.

3-2 the Cub fans are praying.

Kip fighting, we need a great at bat here, still 3-2.

Kip strikes out on a ball.

Two down, Franky up, pops out to right.

Going to extra innings.

Top of 10

Rain delay, putting the tarp on the field. We might be here all night.


Again Welcome everyone, there are visitors  here from the states of: MS,  CA, UT, CO, MI, IL, NE, AR, OH, VA, KS, LS, WY and WA. And a big shout out to our visitors from China.


What a game, Tribe has been down all night but fought back to tie it up with a 2 run bomb by Davis off Chapman. It’s anyone’s game now.

Tarp is off, game starting in just a couple of minutes.

Shaw still in for the Tribe, I hope he can handle this. I guess it would be like sitting for a long inning.

Schwarble up, 1-0, base hit to right field.

Pinch runner in for Schwarble, Bryant up.

0-1 to Bryant.

Shaw’s pitches generally move in on a lefty, last two pitches flat. He may be spent.

1-2 to Bryant. Now 2-2.

Long fly to enter, pitch was up.

Rizzo up, one out.

Walking Rizzo.

2 guys on, one out, Zobrist up.

Leaving Shaw in.

1-1 to Zobrist, now 1-2, Zobrist gets a double to left.

Cubs score, takes the lead, 7-6.

Why Tito left Shaw in, I don’t know, Shaw out, Bauer in

Strikes out Hayward, 2 down, bases loaded.

Baez up, 1-0, now 1-1, now 1-2, Bauer looks good.

2-2, Bauer looks in control.

Baez flies out to center.

Cubs up 8-6

Bottom of 10

Nap up, hasn’t done anything all night.

1-1 to Nap, now 1-2, 2-2, Nap strikes out again.

1 down.

Ramirez up, 0-1 to start.

0-2 now, 1-2, 2-2, one down, bottom of 10.

Ramirez grounds out to shortstop, 2 down.

Guyer up, 2-0, now 3-0. We need a runner, now 3-1, Guyer walks.

Davis up, 1-0, Guyer steals second, Davis hits a single up the middle, Guyer scores.

8-7, Cubs up.

Martinez up, ground out, game over Cubs win.


Terry Francona gave this game to the Cubs.

Shaw was spent, had no business being left in the game especially with Bauer ready in the pen.

Terrible decision, no excuse, how could you even think Shaw had anything left in the tank Terry? His pitches weren’t moving any more. And you left him in? I can’t believe it and we scored a run in the 1oth too. I can’t believe it. I won’t be able to sleep for a month. 66 years I’ve been waiting.




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