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2016 World Series, Game 4-Live Play By Play

By on October 29, 2016


Corey Kluber On The Mound Tonight For The Tribe



Here we go again.

I’ll do this as long as I can take it without any chest pains, sharp temple blasts or eye flashes.

Yes, I’m a Homer, Go Tribe.

Full disclaimer; I lived in Chicago from 1977 thru 1980 and I loved every minute of it but really didn’t like the residents so F the Cubs.

Nap on the bench tonight. Santana gets the start at first with Davis in left.

One thought; gives Tito some power off the bench except Nap PH not very good but does give a little flexibility cause Santana can swing both ways.

But first to the liquor store.

Okay, a little Black Cherry Mikes Harder Lemonade and I’m ready to go. This stuff tastes like black cherry soda pop and the politicians are worried about legalizing pot. The big dummies.

I may have to take a nap if this game doesn’t start pretty soon.

Oh boy, Fox starting their love affair with the Cubs on TV.

Top of One

Okay, here we go.

Davis has been off his game. Lets see how he does tonight.

Pee pee grounder, out at first. Right now I’ll take his D in left.

Kip up, lets watch the ump, K. First couple swings, inside out, I’ll take it, got fooled on a slider for the K.

Franky up, late on a 95 mph from a 38 yr old. Impressive.

Franky has been good. Wrigley is loud.

He’s out, I missed the play.

Smoltz talking about perceived velocity, he has it wrong.

I’m trying to post, tweet and text at the same time. I can’t do it.

Bottom of 1

First pitch strike from Klub, 0-2. Good start.

Nice try by Davis, little blooper falls in. Good hit, batter was smart. Took outside pitch and popped it to left.

Bryant pops out to Franky.

Rizzo hits a soft single to center, Cubs get the lead. Klub left it up in the zone.

Fly ball out. Kluber is leaving it up and hanging a bit.

Don’t like the Cubs getting the lead.

Klub needs to find his rhythm, he’s a pinch off.

I think he’ll be ok though.

Nice K for Klub, Cubs out.

Top of 2

Santana up, hits a bomb.

Tito a genius, sat Nap for Santana!!

Chis up, he’s been a little off lately. Needs to settle down a bit.

Bryant throws it away, Chis gets on.

Perez up, one out, Chis on first tied up 1-1.

Lackey just missed Perez’s face, high inside 2 seamer.

Sorry, I’m missing some plays but Buck on Fox is pissing me off.  I have to stop and listen to him.

Buck just said nobody gave the Tribe a chance. I’ve seen every game this year. They’ve been great all year.  Buck is a Schmuck!

Klub is up, two on, two down, Klub gets a pee pee hit and RBI. No rbi, error on the play but we got the run.

Davis up, grounds out.

Tribe up 2-1

Bottom of 2

One down, little fly out to Chis. Klub hanging in.

Heyward down 1-2 in the count.

Heyward gets on, pee pee hit through right side.

Huge crowd in Cleveland at Progressive field, Fox just showed it.

Double play, nice job. Under review, we got him.

Top of 3

Kip up, nice double into the right field corner.

Lackey 53 pitches, Tribe has him working, good.

Franky down, 0-2,

Cubs crying about balls and strikes. Umps has been biased against the Tribe the whole series.

Franky gets a hit, Kip scores, Way to go Franky!!! Down 0-2 and gets an RBI single.

Santana up, no outs, Franky on first, he’s k’d.

Ramirez up,  one down, Franky still on first.

Lackey has 65 pitches in the third, good job Tribe.

Hits into a double play.

Bottom of 3

Lackey up, 1-1 count. Tribe up 3-1.

Klub being too careful with Lackey, 2-2.

Klub balls are really starting to move.

Lackey k’d.

Hayward grounds to first.

Kluber is getting into a groove now

Bryant, 1-1, now 3-2, getting no calls from this ump, terrible, Bryant walks on a strike 3.

Rizzo up, gets hit, UMP is unbelievable.

2 down, Zorbrist up, calls are little league like, Tribe will need 10 runs to win with this guy behind the plate.

Zorbrist k’d.

Top of 4

Chis flies out to right.

Perez tries a bunt, thrown out at first.

Tyler up, 2-2, come on kid, make Lackey work, he’s k’d.

Bottom of 4

Klub k’s the first batter. Go Tribe.

Cubs are whining while Klub is getting screwed.

Klub is in the groove right now.

2 down.

Hayward gets on, Franky missed don’t know if error or not, I missed it.

I’m still steaming over the calls.

Kluber gets the K

Tribe up 3-1

Top of 5

Kluber up, Lackey on his last legs 2-2.

Smoltz wondering why all fastballs from Lackey and he just k’d Klub with a FB.

Smoltz, the more you talk the less I respect you.

Davis up, grounds out to ss. Davis has not come through.

Kip grounds out, Lackey catches some breaks, gets out of the inning with just a few pitches.

Bottom of 5

I’m blowing it here, tweeting and texting and missing the plays.

Kluber playing well, Buck almost has an orgasm over a peepee fly ball.

Out of the inning, no damage, few pitches.

Top of 6

Lets go Tribe.

Lackey out, Montgomery in.

Franky up, 2-0, good start against relief.

Franky walks, awesome against relief.

Tribe still up 3-1, Klub is awesome.

Santana up, 1-0,  hits a bullet off the pitchers mound, safe at first.

Two on, Ramirez up, moves the runner to third. Franky on third.

One out, Chis up.

Long fly, Franky scores. Tribe up 4-1

That shuts up the Cubs crowd.

Perez up, 2-0. If the pitcher had a pick off move, Ramirez would have been dead at first.

3-0 now, Perez walks.

Two down, two on, Guyer coming up. Kills leftys.

Maddon pulling the LH, didn’t catch his name.

4-1, top of 7 with a kick ass bullpen waiting.

Guyer down 0-2, Guyer k’d,

Bottom of 6

Klub in, Miller warming up. Rizzo gets a double off the wall in left. Pitch left over the plate.

Zorbrist up, first pitch strike, 0-2, short fly to left. Good pitch.

Kluber only 76 pitches, awesome.

Man on  2nd, one out, 0-2 to Contranous, he is k’d.

Great play, Klub out of the inning.

Top of 7

Crisp pinch hits for a double, Davis up, passed ball Crisp moves to third.

Davis gets nailed, first one missed, they got him with the second. Bullshit move by Cubs

No outs, first and third, lets go Tribe.

Kip is up, 1-1, we need some more, can’t trust the UMPs.

Kip hits a bomb, Tribe up 7-1


Sorry, I can’t keep up, I’m crying like a baby. Cubs are through, I promise.

Bottom of 7

Miller is Miller, say goodnight Cubs,

1 down, and one of the Cubs is up, who cares who.

PeePee pop up to Franky, 2 out.

7 pitches, Miller out of it.

Top of 8

Tribe, 2 down. Nap coming up, probably pissed he was benched.

Come on Nap, hit a bomb, just missed.

Bottom of 8

Miller kicking butt. Fowler down 0-2 already.

Hey Cubs get a bomb off miller.

Place going wild.

2 down. Team has to score once in a while.
Zorbest up, 2 down, 1-2 count, come on Miller, put them out of their misery, K.

Top of 9

Kip gets another hit, one down. Kip on first.

Lindor gets a hit.

Martinez up, he pinched hit for somebody, I missed it, K’d.

Ramirez up, two down, fly out to center.

Bottom of 9

Okay, here we go. Taking two from the Cubs at Wrigley? Remarkable!!

Otero closing the game.

He’s been golden all year.

0-2 count, ground ball out to Kip

Otero looking good, 2nd batter, 1-2 gives up a hit.

Pop up to Franky, 2 down.

1-2, almost there.

Back to Otero, we won another one in ChiTown.


























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