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2016 World Series Game 3-Live Play By Play

By on October 28, 2016

Tomlin on the mound for the Tribe


I’ll go as long as I can unless I have a stroke watching this game.

Franky picked off first in the first; WTF? Indians playing timid after 2 innings. They need to be aggressive right now. Joe Buck is making me sick and I can’t find WTAM online. I haven’t had a radio around in 10 years so I’m stuck.

Tribe is looking at first pitch strikes allowing  Hendricks to get ahead and get comfortable; that needs to stop.

Letting the Cubs get the lead at home will be a major mistake.

Top of 3

Tomlin and Kip k’d.

Santana takes a walk; one of the best eyes in baseball but with 34 bombs and the wind blowing out, I’d rather see him swing away.

Nap held up the start of the bottom of the 3rd. I think he had tacos before the game. LOL.

Kip, usually sure handed, made the play but fumbled an easy ground ball.

Tomlin is not getting the calls. That’s B.S.

Top of 4

Franky on again leading off.

Cubs getting the calls at the plate, Indians aren’t. They need to start jawing the UMP from the bench. This is bullshit.

Looking at too many pitches then not protecting.

Tomlin still looking good, doing his job. His team mates need to wake up at the plate.

Bottom of the 4th

Walked on a strike 3. UMP is old. Maybe forgetting what he’s calling.

Mills needs to start on the UMP. Even if he gets tossed. Somebody needs to wake up.

Top of the 5th

Tyler leads off with a single. Tribe has lead off batter on again. Cubs are giving them the ops. They can’t take advantage of it, at least not yet.

Fox broadcasters still blow. Smoltz knows what he’s talking about but he still needs to shut the F up.

Tomlin lays down a nice bunt on a change making Smoltz look like a fool.

Santana up, we need something here.  Just noticed, Wrigley field doesn’t even have bullpens. They throw on the sidelines, just like little league!

Santana walks. Kip up. One out, runners on 1st and 2nd. Come on Kip.

Shit, they’re going to pull Hendricks real soon. We’ve been touching him all night, we’re close to breaking this game open.

Kip gets HBP, that’s it for Hendricks. Bases are juiced, one out, Lindor up, Nap on deck, Ramirez in the hole.

Come on Lindor; hits into a double play. WTF

Bottom of 5

I don’t know how much more I can take of the Tribe in this game.

Tomlin still looking good, gives up lead off single.

Double switch, Tomlin out, Davis coming in, Miller taking over on the mound.

Miller gets out of the inning with 3 pitches.

Tomlin did a great job tonight, hats off. Only threw around 55 pitches but no way was Tito going to let the Cubs see him one more time.

Top of 6

Nap up, 2 K’s already. Wake up Nap. He has been looking at close pitches. Pee Pee ground out.

Ramirez, weak fly out.

Tribe is driving me crazy. They are aggressive all year until the last two games.

Chis looks bad, swinging K

Bottom of 6

IMO, Tito needs to shoot off his mouth on the bench. He’s a players manager sure, and right now, they need him to tell them what the deal is before this game gets away. We need a win and this is a perfect night to get one.

Miller is Miller. I’m glad I don’t have to face him. In fact, I don’t think I ever faced anyone in my day as tough as Miller.

Wow, Miller is awesome.

Top of 7

Miller on deck. Will he hit? Shaw warming up.

Miller hasn’t taken an at bat in four years.

We have a runner on third, Martinez, one out, Davis up, Davis walks. Martinez almost picked off third. Wake the F up.  Being reviewed, it was close but I don’t think they got him.

Miller called back, Coco pinch hitting.

One down, first and third. Crisp delivers, we get a run and Davis gets thrown out at third.

Terrible play by Davis. not even close. We need base runners and a 15 year vet gets thrown out at third by 3 feet.

We got a run, close play on first, I think Kip slid in there. Reviewed but called out. BS

Coco Game Winning Hit

Coco Game Winning Hit

Bottom of 7

I love Chicago, lived there for 3 years but right now, F Chicago. I love Bill Murry but right now, F Bill Murry

1-0, Tribe leading, pitching has been awesome, hitting, base running terrible. Worst two games I’ve seen the Tribe play all year.

Shaw pitching for the Tribe. Has had a decent post season so far but he always scares the hell out of me.

One down, broken bat grounder to Kip and he makes a clean play.

Nap makes a nice play at first. 2 down.

Chis misses a ball in right field. Tough chance.

No harm, ground out to Lindor.

Tribe still one up after 7.

They should have scored more earlier so I wouldn’t be such a basket case.

Plus I’m out of weed. Shit

Top of 8

Lindor up, pee pee grounder thrown out at first.

Cubs changing pitchers. I heard a rookie broadcaster make this call once during a summer college ball game “Manager changing throwers”. He kept saying, “and here is the next throw”. Funny

Nap up and do we need a bomb right now or what. In fact I’m surprised, no bombs all night. Goes down swinging, 3rd K. I thought Nap was waking up, last game he had 2 decent hits.

Ramirez up. He looked good last game. He can yank one down the line. Fly’s out, inning over.

Bottom of 8

Shaw back out, he makes me nervous. First two pitches are balls. Not good for Shaw. Allen warming up.

Ump blows another call.

Lefty warning up for the cubs.

Nice pitch, Shaw gets the K.

Bucks boyfriend up, Sherbal, pops up to Lindor

Cub fans are praying.

2 down, Shaw hanging in there.

Tribe pitching has been brilliant Joe Buck.

Shaw gives up a hit. Allen coming in.

2 down, runner on first. Allen has Bryant 0-2, gets the K

Top of 9

Chapman in for the Cubs.

Tribe still up 1-0, will they shut out the Cubs twice? That would be awesome.

Chis strikes out.

Martinez up, hasn’t played much this year, mostly defensive replacement, good player.

Chapman hasn’t broken 100 yet, WTF.

There he goes, 101.

Van Gomes  up, for the first time in I don’t how long.

Chapman throwing a lot of off speed.

Gomes out, Cubs coming up, bottom of 9.

Bottom of 9

Rizzo leads off with a single.

Pinch runner in for Rizzo.

Nice K by Allen, now we need a ground ball.

Ground ball, runner on first had a nice jump, I think hit and run, no double play.

2 down, Heyward up, hitting .067 in the post season.

Nap blows a grounder at first. Should have been out of this inning with a win.

What a nail biter.

2 down, runners on 2nd and third, 2-1, now 2-2.

Bam, Allen gets the K

Tremendous pitching performance by the Tribe pitchers.

Shutting out the most potent batting order in the Major Leagues is remarkable, doing it twice is unbelievable.













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